Platinum Partner

We enable safe and relevant conversations between people and make it efficient for businesses to connect with consumers. Fraud and unwanted communication are endemic to digital economies, especially in emerging markets. We are on a mission to build trust in communication. Truecaller is an essential part of everyday communication for over 370 million active users, with more than a billion downloads since launch and close to 50 billion unwanted calls identified and blocked in 2021. Headquartered in Stockholm since 2009, we are a co-founder-led, entrepreneurial company, with a highly experienced management team. Truecaller has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since October, 2021.

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Associate Partner

BioCatch stands at the forefront of digital fraud detection, pioneering behavioural biometric intelligence grounded in advanced cognitive science and machine learning. BioCatch analyses thousands of user digital interactions to support a digital banking environment where identity, trust, and ease coexist. Today, more than 25 of the world's leading 100 banks and >100 of the largest 500 rely on BioCatch's solutions to combat fraud, facilitate digital transformation, and grow customer relationships.

Gold Partners

At Jukshio, we eliminate fraud by securing the enterprise - every identity, every time with 100% accuracy.

Jukshio provides full-stack compliance and risk management solutions including KYC, DFraud, Enterprise Access KYB and Attendance Management, offering a 360-degree approach to identity and access management with state-of-the-art models that are fine-tuned to excel in real-life situations, promoting inclusivity at the edge.

Jukshio employs AI and ML-based technology solutions to proactively monitor identity fraud patterns to help companies stay on the top of regulatory changes, ensuring enhanced compliance, preventing financial losses and protecting brand reputation. To date, Jukshio has helped onboard over 735 million end users and stopped over 2 million fraudulent attempts through a modern human-reliable Artificial Intelligence platform.

CrimeCheck, IDfy’s 100% subsidiary, is an AI/ML powered platform that helps you do legal due diligence in 30 minutes by enabling you to search across 25 crore+ court records to get a thorough overview of the most fundamental risk parameter - the legal history of an individual or an entity.

Backed by the biggest database of court records in India, with 25 Cr+ records covering even district courts, tribunals and eFIRs, every check you conduct yields a result after scouring court records and FIRs across the country.

With Crime Check, entities can

  • Do quick decision making with colour-coded risk reports
  • Get summarized results foreasy understanding
  • Do Fuzzy logic search to account for mismatches in the spellings of names and addresses


Silver Partner

Signzy is revolutionizing the financial industry with seamless onboarding, AI-enabled KYC & advanced compliance management via its no-code GO platform. Offering unparalleled onboarding experiences with customizable workflows, Signzy integrates over 18+ Tech-enabled compliance tools and 240+ APIs, enabling financial institutions to enhance security and compliance effortlessly.

We're facilitating 10 million+ verifications monthly with a remarkable 99% success rate. Also ensuring that businesses are audit-ready in just 2 weeks, while reducing the speed to market from 6 months to 3-4 weeks.

We work with 240+ financial institutions, including the 4 largest banks in India, a top 3 acquiring bank in the US, and robust partnerships with industry leaders like Mastercard and Microsoft.

Exhibit Partners

A software product company, platform TrackWizz catering to Banks, Brokers, Insurance Companies, NBFC and many more. Serving more than 300+ institutions with a team of 380+ individuals in the areas of

  • Anti Money Laundering
  • KYC
  • Surveillance.

Anti Money Laundering further as

  • Screening (Screenzaa)
  • Risk Rating
  • Transaction Monitoring & Regulatory Reporting
    Over the last 15 years, they have helped more than 150 + institutions implement Anti Money
    Laundering compliance program.

Unlock business potential with HPE GreenLake. Our cloud-based solutions prioritize data at the edge and in the cloud, enabling you to leverage AI for unique advantages. Turn data into actionable insights with enhanced safety and security, advancing how you work and live.